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In January of 2012, Yale University Press will be publishing Elisabeth Young-Bruehl's book, Childism, a look at prejudice against children.

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Producing Media on Psychoanalytic Theories, History, and Present Lifeforms


Caversham Productions specializes in creating materials that educate about psychoanalytic theories, its history, and its present lifeforms.


We produce media that is useful in universities, in psychoanalytic training institutes, and to individuals who are learning about analysis by studying it, by practicing it, by undergoing it. When you go to an art museum, you experience the works and then find that in the museum's store there are resources to guide you in thinking about what you've experienced; to supplement your experience with videos, CD's, posters; to offer you mementos of your experience; to suggest ways you can connect up with other works by the artists you've met or explore them in other venues and media. Caversham Productions is a museum store for psychoanalysis; or maybe a psychoanalysis journal updated with video and interactive media for the online generations of today. Our goal is to collect the essence of what we and our colleagues have learned throughout our careers and pass this along to the generations coming up behind us. As our company grows, we hope to engage the analytic community by providing a new perspective on the history and future of analysis. We also hope that same community will engage with us by providing feedback on our various projects.

Our first production was a history of psychoanalysis timeline from 1900 to 2000, that starts with the psychoanalysis of Freud and moves towards present day expanding into various groups and schools as it progresses. This product was the inspiration for the creation of Caversham Productions and you'll find it described, with an introductory video, interactive preview, and its own little history presented here. Our second production is a DVD of psychoanalytic films by Garrick Duckler, an analyst himself, as seen here. We have — in many stages of development — a series of ebooks devoted to various topics in psychoanalysis theories. We are producing documentary interview films with current analysts about psychoanalysis and its history; some that begin with original lectures on psychoanalysis and some that were developed through excited and powerful conversations. Caversham Productions is also "the producer" in the movie business sense for people who are doing things like making psychoanalytic films. You can meet a brilliant example of such a person at his website Presenting Problems. We are primarily oriented toward the history of analysis, but, like any museum store, we want also to promote the continuation of that history in the present and for the future.








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